Wednesday, March 28, 2007

C K Ranganathan

Ranganathan is the chairman and managing director of CavinKare.

Want to know, what Chik & CavinKare mean? Rediff has a good coverage of interview with Ranganathan. Read it out here.

As told to Sify:

I did not feel anything about riding a bicycle after having got used to cars.
Read it here.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Sarath Babu

Sarath Babu is from IIM, Ahmedabad. He was in media for rejecting offers from big companies to start one on his own. Well! He founded "Food King Caterers" out of Ahmedabad & got it expanded to Chennai. He acknowledges that the brand "IIM" gave him a good lift-off for his venture. He had proved that big-brands has great-values. Jumping-in to kickstart a business right after college should have been tough. But this bold mindset & compulsion came from his childhood perils.

Rediff has a good coverage of his whole life. Read it here. One can hear such a story only in movies or novels. It feels good that its from a real life.

Sarath encourages youngsters to become entrepreneurs, so they could provide jobs to other people. Though it sounds similar to earning money by writing a book titled "How to generate money"? >:O) He also tells children, "It does not cost 'money' to dream".

His inspiration is his mother. She had an understanding of what education can do to a person's life. She sold idlis on the pavements of Chennai to educate her son. During daytime, she worked to prepare mid-day meal at the school. In the evenings, she taught at the government's adult education programme.

Sarath recalls, "For kids living in a slum, idlis for breakfast is something very special."
Nothing more can lucidly state his financial position.

Our take: There are always people to Inspire. Lets make best use of them!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Prof. K. Jayaraman

Prof. K. Jayaraman is one of those people who cannot be bossed around. Also one greatest of superiors to work with. He's Mr. Perfect.

Prof. K. Jayaraman is from Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani. After his post graduation, he went to work for ISRO and DRDO then after. He always had passion for VLSI and embedded systems. One fine day he quit to chase his dream. Yeah! His newest baby is the Centre for Information & Communication Technologies(CICT), Bangalore. (

Prof. K. Jayaraman was born to a middle class family at Kumbakonam (a small town in TamilNadu). There he completed his Higher Secondary education in his mother tongue. Then got into BITS for his Graduation and Post Graduation. Not being born with a silver spoon, he had to struggle to prove himself for his passion. He started a number of organizations and most of them in product development. He has also trained a a lot of young brains to build products. His philosophy and life's goal is to: "Convert Engineering degree holders into Engineers".

He has given lectures in various colleges all over the world, for students working in Embedded systems. He was presented with the "21st Century Millennium Award" for "Outstanding Achievement in the Chosen Field of Activity" by the International Institute of Education and Management, India.

He is 61 years now but works like a 21 year old. He is a guide for many Institutes and for brains who aspire to do something different. He is an excellent speaker. The moment he gets on the stage, he holds his audience captive. People can listen to him speak for hours without getting bored and sometimes even without blinking!!

He has been on newspapers quite often. I had saved this picture of him, during his trip to Gulbarga last November. The second person from the left in white shirt is Mr. Jayaraman. People who don't know this language please excuse! I didn't get a save a english version of this :(

He has brought his town into light and helped many many young achievers make their dreams come true! Hats off to him!

Monday, October 02, 2006

After a StandStill

Startup Starters went inactive for a while. Now back with some updates:
  • Blogger's beta update to be mainstream.
Blogger is taking too long a time to integrate its Beta version. We can't wait, our blood is on boil.
  • Template changes.
New Template has been incorporated.
  • Inclusion of entrepreneurs without web-blogs.
Yeah! We'll include them as we go by.
  • Guest bloggers.
We have a guest. Check out "Authors" in the sidebar. In case you are interested. Please contact us.
  • Formalizing a logo.
Logo is Ready. Need to add some flesh with colors.
  • more interactivity with readers.
You can comment & prove this. >:O)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On a Standstill

Start-up Starters will be motionless for a few weeks from now. It is basking for
  • Blogger's beta update to be mainstream.
  • Template changes.
  • Inclusion of entrepreneurs without web-blogs.
  • Guest bloggers.
  • Formalizing a logo.
  • more interactivity with readers.
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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rajesh Jain Rajesh Jain's Weblog on Emerging Technologies, Enterprises and Markets.

Rajesh is my guru who sparked the spirit of entrepreneurship in me. He is BTech in Electrical Engg from IIT Bombay, also Masters in Electrical Engg from Columbia University. He launched India's 1st ever internet portal , IndiaWorld. It was later acquired by Sify for a whopping 115 million USD. His latest venture is Novatium which is into building thin clients. I guess it is building hard-infrastructure for all the soft-tools from Google Labs. >:O)

Rajesh is a multi-faceted man, having perennial interest in emerging markets, such as mobile & affortable computing. His blog gives birth to 5~6 posts every day with opinions & excerpts from various websites & blogs. He also writes a lot about entrepreneurship.

Update #0: A more accurate description of what Rajesh is doing is here.